General Questions

Q: How do I ask for help?

A: Go to the Contact page and fill in the form including your email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What currency are the product prices in?

A: All product prices are in Australian Dollars = AUD

Q: How do I make a purchase?

A: Select your product > Click on the Add to Cart button (this will take you directly to your Shopping Cart) > You have the option to Continue Shopping OR Proceed to Checkout (before proceeding to the checkout, please make sure your order is correct – you can delete or order more at this stage).
You will now be taken to the a secure page (https://) to fill in your billing details.  If you have ordered a Book, you can Ship to a different address by checking the box on the top right side. Once you have filled in your details and checked that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions > click the button Proceed to PayPal > this is where you can pay using your PayPal account OR you can fill in your credit card details.

eBook Questions

Q: What is an eBook?

A: An e-book is a electronic version of a book, which you can access immediately after purchasing the product by downloading it.  The e-books on this site will come to you in a pdf format.  All you need is a pdf reader on your computer or tablet, mobile device. If you don’t have a pdf reader on your system, please go to download

Q: How do I know I have successfully purchased an eBook?

A:  You will be taken to a download page with links after purchasing AND you will also receive an email giving you a link to download the eBook/s.

Q: How do I download my eBook?

A:  You should receive an email with the links to the eBook products you purchased.  You can left click on the link and it will open another tab in your  web browser to  the eBook content (this may take a moment, so please be patient). You will notice your details have been stamped on the bottom of the pages from page 2 and onwards. You should notice a Download button on the top right area to click and save to your computer or external drive.

Q: How often can I gain access to my eBook?

A: You will have unlimited access to download your purchased eBooks for your personal use only.

Q: How do I read the eBook products?

A: The eBook is in .pdf format, so most computer are able to read this format. If not, you can download Adobe Reader by clicking on this link.

Q: How many devices can I load this eBook onto?

A: Once you have downloaded the e-book in .pdf format, you can then put this file on to a computer OR put it on an external drive to read it on other devices, including a tablet or smart phone. Just as long as the device can read .pdf, you should not have a problem.

Q: Can I copy, paste and print my eBook?

A: You cannot copy and paste, but you can print the e-book for personal use only.

Q: Can I share or loan my eBook?

A: No – the e-books are for your personal use only and are only licensed to you – the purchaser – and are stamped with your details to prove ownership. Please tell your friends/work colleagues about www.patternmakingacademy.com, so they can purchase their own licensed copy of the e-books.

Q: What does Digital Rights Management mean?

A: Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used to ensure that a specific copy of an eBook is licensed to one individual. This ensures that copyright laws are respected and that authors and publishers are fairly compensated. An individual is licensed to use that eBook, but may not share it with others.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping or handling fees for the eBook products?

A: No – there are no shipping and handling costs because you will be able to instantly download your eBook after purchasing.

Q: Can I return my purchased eBook?

A: No – because of the nature of it being a digital product we cannot refund your purchase, so please make sure you want to purchase the content you will be receiving. If you have any further questions on the content in the products, please feel free to contact us on the Contact page.

Book Questions

Q: Do I have to pay shipping and handling fees for the Book products?

A: Yes – as these are actual hard copy products, we need to cover the costs of shipping and handling to your door.

Q: Can I return my purchased book?

A:  No – because these books are only available until the stock runs out we cannot refund your purchase, so please make sure you want to purchase the content you will be receiving. If you have any further questions on the content in the products, please feel free to contact us on the Contact page.

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