eBook ~ Unit 1: Essential Elements of Pattern Making

eBook ~ Unit 1: Essential Elements of Pattern Making

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This unit is the first of the FD~CS series. It is a prerequisite for all other units as it provides basic knowledge of the fundamental skills of pattern making and explains the key role of scientific principles. These principles are applied throughout the series. The five essential elements focus on a particular branch of science.

Unit 1: Essential Elements of Pattern Making focuses on five key scientific principles comprising: structural anatomy (skeletal and muscular); external morphology (body shape); mathematics; geometry; and applied anthropometry (taking measurements).

You will learn about the Five Elements of Pattern Making in this unit:
The skeletal framework provides pattern makers/engineers with a (recognisable)
underlying structure that serves as a basis for locating and identifying specific
regions and equally important landmarks on the body. It is also the structural
framework on which a garment is fitted.
The scientific term which means form, shape, and structure. In this unit it
describes the external shape and size of the human female body.
Geometry is a branch of mathematics. It relates to measurements in terms of
length, width, depth, angles and space. As such, geometric shapes are essential
elements of pattern making with the use of squares, rectangles, triangles,
circles, cones, curves angles and circumferences all being key components of the
pattern drafting process.
Basic mathematics are used throughout the pattern making process and particularly
in the formation of master blocks. These are the foundation from which garment
designs are created.
Described as a scientific process for measuring the human body. In the field of
pattern making, anthropometry is considered to be an essential component.

E-Book ~ Downloadable .pdf (10MB)
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Kathleen M Berry

Table of Contents

Author’s Notes
Introduction to Essential Elements of Pattern Making
Glossary of Terms

The First Essential Element: Anatomy
Principal Skeletal Anatomical Terms
Anatomical Reference Points
Skeletal Muscle Reference Points

The Second Essential Element: Morphology
Figure Type X (Hourglass)
Figure Type I (Twiggy)
Figure Type A (Curvy)
Figure Type H (Fuller Figure)
Average Figure Type XH (Combination)
Human Variation and Shape Categorisation

The Third Essential Element: Geometry
Figure Types as Geometric Shapes (X and I)
Figure Types as Geometric Shapes (A, H and XH)
Geometry, Pattern Making and 3-Dimensional Shapes

The Fourth Essential Element: Mathematics
Mathematics for Pattern Making

The Fifth Essential Element: Anthropometry
Scientific Principles and Applied Anthropometry
Tools for Measuring the Human Body
The Use of Landmarks in Anthropometry
Applied Anthropometry
Anthropometric Data used in the FD~CS Series
Averaged Data for Five Figure Type Categories

Author’s Summary

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