A master block that has been well tested for comfort and fit, is well balanced, and aesthetically pleasing.  This saves time, improves efficiency, reduces costs, and makes the pattern making and design process much more satisfying and rewarding.  After the master block is made into a master toile and assessed for balance, comfort and fit, any anomalies are then corrected on the master block, prior to it being cut in a suitable cardboard (or a medium of choice) or saved on a computer. The master block is then ready to be used in the pattern design process.

bodicebIn some cases it is necessary to address individual characteristics, when fitting a master toile.  Some of these may include issues such as: armhole and sleeve head relationship, gaping neck or armholes, and dart positions. These are corrected on the master block and are then out of the loop and should not have to be dealt with in the pattern design process when using that particular block as a base for additional blocks or pattern design.
A well fitting master block is the pathway to designing and creating well cut garments quickly and efficiently.  Knowing that the basic fitting issues have been dealt with on the master block enables the designer, patternmaker, dressmaker, or fashion enthusiast to work with confidence and focus on the creative art of designing and developing  patterns for a garment or a range of garments.
Master blocks can be easily retrieved, copied to use again and again. Ideally you should review your master block  yearly and refine if necessary.