Unit 02: Master Blocks for Figure Type X (Hourglass): Bodice, Sleeve and Dress


This unit provides full block making instructions for bodice, sleeve, and dress for Figure Type X according to the PMA pattern engineering system.

Worked examples use the averaged data for this figure type, and follow the FD~CS method and procedure. [49 pages]


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The Average Figure Type X (Hourglass)

The average Figure Type X body shape can be likened to the classic “Hourglass” which was considered to be the perfect body shape in the 1950s, (and still is by some people today). It was also called the ideal body shape because of its proportions.

Figure Type X was also seen as the “standard” body size, which has traditionally been the figure type of choice for developing sizing systems by manufacturers and the paper pattern industry. A typical example of the hourglass figure type was Marilyn Monroe (one of the most famous female actors in the late 1950s), with her full bust, small waist and well-proportioned hips.

Final Master Blocks for Front and Back Bodice, Sleeve and Dress