Unit 10: Master Blocks for Figure Type XH (Combination): Bodice, Sleeve and Dress


This unit provides full block making instructions for bodice, sleeve, and dress for Figure Type XH according to the PMA pattern engineering system.

Worked examples use the averaged data for this figure type, and follow the FD~CS method and procedure. [49 pages]


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The Average Figure Type XH (Combination)

The average Figure Type XH body shape is a “Combination” shape. It is a combination of two figure types, X and H. It has the proportionality and defined waist of an hourglass body shape (Figure Type X in this series) and the abdominal region of the fuller figure. (Figure Type H in this series)

The classic “Hourglass” was considered to be the perfect body shape in the 1950s, (and still is by some people today). An hourglass figure was also called the ideal body shape because of its proportions. The Figure Type XH body shape, however, has a full abdominal region and a full upper hip with a well-defined waist.

The combination of these two body types makes the quest for finding a size that fits this body shape a challenge. This is not surprising, because there has been a significant change in female body size and shape in recent decades, and sizing systems have not kept pace with the changes.

Final Master Blocks for Front and Back Bodice, Sleeve and Dress