Unit 04: Master Blocks for Figure Type I (Twiggy): Bodice, Sleeve and Dress


This unit provides full block making instructions for bodice, sleeve, and dress for Figure Type I according to the PMA pattern engineering system.

Worked examples use the averaged data for this figure type, and follow the FD~CS method and procedure. [49 pages]


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The Average Figure Type I (Twiggy)

The average Figure Type I body shape can be likened to a classic “Twiggy” body shape of the1960s –Twiggy being a high profile internationally famous British super model. She had a slender “waif-like” figure and became the idol of young (and not so young) females across the globe.

Figure Type I has been promoted as an ideal figure for many years and one that many females today still aspire to, possibly due to the influence of print media, marketing and advertising of female fashion. In addition, high end fashion designers prefer the slender figure type as it shows couture and Prêt-a-porter garments off to the best advantage.

There is an argument that thin models do not represent the body shape of the majority of females today. This is not surprising because there has been a significant change in female body size and shape in recent decades.

Final Master Blocks for Front and Back Bodice, Sleeve and Dress