Unit 06: Master Blocks for Figure Type A (Curvy): Bodice, Sleeve and Dress


This unit provides full block making instructions for bodice, sleeve, and dress for Figure Type A according to the PMA pattern engineering system.

Worked examples use the averaged data for this figure type, and follow the FD~CS method and procedure. [50 pages]


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The Average Figure Type A (Curvy)

The average Figure Type A can be likened to the feminine shape that has been the inspiration for centuries of artists to use as models. Virtually all of the famous paintings of nudes from the 18th century onwards feature a curvy Figure Type A.

The most significant feature of Figure Type A in this series is the emphasis on the thigh region. The curvy body type tends to have a small to medium bust and a small waistline, with well-developed thighs. With this combination of body characteristics, it can be a frustrating experience to buy a ready-made fitted dress, due to the lack of proportionality between a relatively petite upper body and a well-endowed lower body, particularly in the thigh region.

The Figure Type A body shape is the one that sizing systems seem to overlook. This is not surprising because there has been a significant change in female body size and shape in recent decades, and sizing systems have not kept pace with the changes.

Final Master Blocks for Front and Back Bodice, Sleeve and Dress