Unit 09: Master Blocks for Figure Type H (Fuller Figure): Skirt and Pant


This unit provides full block making instructions for skirt and pants for Figure H according to the PMA pattern engineering system.

Worked examples use the averaged data for this figure type, and follow the FD~CS method and procedure. [47 pages]


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The Average Figure Type H (Fuller Figure)

The average Figure Type H can be described as a rectangular body shape. This figure type has excess fullness around the abdominal region with very little, or no waist definition, resulting in the rectangular appearance.

In this series, Figure Type H usually has well developed upper arms, and narrow shoulders in comparison to the breadth of the upper body (thoracic region).

The quest for finding a size that fits an average Figure Type H woman can be daunting.  This has become more difficult due to the significant changes in female body size and shape in recent decades and the failure of sizing systems to keep pace with the changes.

Final Master Blocks for Skirt and Pant