Fashion Design ~ Creativity and Science: Module One


This text provides knowledge and skills to draft master blocks for bodice, sleeve and dress for five female figure types. [120 pages]

Module One is presented in a self-paced learning format, with colour-coding and step-by-step instructions to create master blocks for an individual, fit model or a brand’s target market.


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The contents include:

  • Structural anatomy (skeletal and muscular)
  • External morphology (shape)
  • Anthropometry (measurements)
  • Basic maths
  • Geometric shape analysis
  • Body shape as opposed to garment size
  • A major emphasis on garment fit
  • Averaged data of five figure types and body shapes
  • Colour coding for immediate recognition of five figure types and body shapes
  • Step-by-step instructions and diagrams for easy reference
  • An innovative and creative approach to learning the basic principles of block making
  • A strong emphasis on the application of scientific principles to obtain well-fitting master blocks